Our Idea

To most of us, the term homeland represents our place of origin, a place that holds emotional value and a sense of well-being. Where friends or family might be, with whom one has many memories or is even going through life with. Nowadays, it is more common to not always live in the place you would call home. And yet it remains firmly anchored in each one of us. To be able to give this feeling of home as a gift, we came up with the Heimat Box. Valuable, surprising and tasteful. Let us too share this warm feeling of home with you….

Share a piece of home

Came and Stayed

We are Peter and Thomas and have both found our feeling of home in Bavaria and especially in Munich. We believe in a high level of quality, aesthetics, regional and organic products and are committed to sustainability. We try to keep production routes as short as possible – our boxes are produced in the Black Forest and our ingredients hail from the surrounding area of Munich.

With the Heimat Box you can share your feeling of home, even if you are currently not in your homeland. Create a sense of joy and comfort for whoever you wish to give this gift to. The experience of unpacking, enjoying and even reusing the Heimat Box is like a journey into the feelings of warmth and well-being.

Share this feeling of home and happiness with the ones you love. Our various Heimat Boxes are the ideal gift for a special treat.

Peter Guest von Heimat-Box

Our unique designs are hand drawn by Peter

Peter is a true design artist and loves to give every single design of the Heimat Box a unique and personal touch. As an artist, he can be found at his “Herb Gallery” booth at the Viktualienmarkt (next to “Fisch Witte”). At his booth you will have the opportunity to enjoy his English-Bavarian slang as well as purchase his unique illustrated art cards. His heritage and his love for Munich as his adopted home make the tea from his Herb Gallery at the Viktualienmarkt an extra special experience. Drop by the market or visit his website:


Thomas Pflaume von Heimat-Box

Thomas love it to implementing great ideas

His many years of agency experience as a creative and later as an entrepreneur are what made it possible for you to share this wonderful gift of the Heimat Box today. Out of love for this wonderful city, he developed the Münchner Kindl Taler with the organic bakery Gürtner. Together they created a very special organic hazelnut cookie made from local spelt flour, lots of hazelnuts, butter, eggs and milk – no preservatives. It also features a distinctive ridge through its middle, which is meant to encourage the sharing of this sweet treat. You can get this delicious Taler in many stores across Munich as it is considered a unique gift from the “Münchner Kindl”, representing the cosmopolitan city with a heart. Check it out:


Smart shipping for the good of the environment

Each Heimat Box can be shipped directly from you or us – without unnecessary repackaging.

Just write your greeting and address on the back of the box or inform us about them. Add stamps worth €4,90 for within Germany, (or let us do it for you), and it’s ready to be sent off in the mail.

Our Heimat Box is so sturdily produced that it will have no problem arriving safely and undamaged. (More details on this in the “Shipping“ section.)

Hintergrund Heimat-Box Liebe

High quality from Bavaria and Germany

We place great importance on delivering high quality products from within Bavaria and Germany. Because every truck that makes unnecessarily long trips leaves a bigger CO2 trail – and we don’t want to support that. That’s why we decided to produce our Heimat Boxes in the Black Forest and assemble them in Munich. The inlay is flexible and removable, so that you can continue to use your Heimat Box as a little „treasure box“. Even your little ones can add more color to the box with crayons and create their own personal Heimat Box.

Become a partner and develop new content

We are always looking for individuals who, like us, take great pleasure in implementing „out of the box“ solutions. Openness, fairness and the ability to think big are excellent qualities to bring together and initiate a dialog. Feel free to give us a call.

Reach out to us at: info@heimat-box.com or call Thomas +49 178 3571143 or Peter +49 171 3681453